Année : 1985
Conduite : à gauche
Couleur : Red Interior : Red
Boîte : manual
Km : n.c.
Prix : p.o.r. Euros
Réf : 28810
TVA : Price including VAT not claimable

Description :

288 Evoluzione chassis #79888 is one of a mere five 288 GTO Evo's built by Ferrari. The Evoluzione was developed to take part in the Group B Championships and was also used as a prototype for the development of the legendary F40. This particular example is one of only two cars fitted with the tipo F114 CK twin–turbo 2.88 liter V8 developping a whopping 650 bhp! Thanks to the carbon-fibre body panels and an overall weight of 1.050kg, this extreme supercar boasts a mind-boggling power-to-weight ratio of 1.61 kg per bhp which will out-accelerate and out-race any period rival! Delivered to its first and only owner in December 1988, #79888 was road-registered on 17th of September can hardly imagine driving the open roads with such massive performance under the foot. Kept in a museum for the past seven years, 288 GTO Evo #79888 is in new condition and has only been driven a few hundred km in its whole life, without ever being raced. The only other four examples 288 GTO Evo's remaining the property of the most famous and priviledged Ferrari collectors, this example is the only one to be offered for sale so far in the 21st Century. SOLD by Belgoexports.

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